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2018: Belize Guatemala El Salvador Honduras and Nicaragua Costa Rica I Costa Rica II Panama

When solo bicycle travellers join forces

25 weeks in Mexico, 2017-18:

Weeks 1-2 in Oaxaca
Weeks 3-4
Weeks 5-6
Weeks 7-8
Weeks 9-10
Weeks 11-16
Weeks 17-18
Weeks 19-21 in Mexico
Weeks 23-24, in Playa del Carmen
Weeks 22-23 and 25, on the road in Yucat√°n

Vancouver BC to San Diego, summer 2017

London to Lisbon by bike, summer 2015

About me

On turning 41, July 2017

My personal user manual

The manifesto for relationship anarchy (in Spanish and English)

Two-year 'vagabondaversary' review, September 2017

Review of my first year as a vagabond, September 2016

Why meditate?

Introduction, September 2015

Something I wrote back in 2013

40 walks with 40 friends in the year I turned 40 (2016)

Index of all walks

On learning to stealth-camp

Part 4
Part 3
Part 2
Part 1

Bike touring kit list

January 2018 kit list

January 2017 kit list

October 2015 kit list

Answers to questions about my kit

Extracts from books I recommend (not reviews)

Chodron - When things fall apart

Easton/Hardy - The new topping book

Eddo-Lodge - Why I'm no longer talking to white people about race

Lerner - The dance of intimacy

Lerner - The dance of connection

CN Lester - Trans like me

Miller - The drama of being a child

Taormino - The ultimate guide to kink

Van der Kolk - The body keeps the score

Welwood - Perfect love, imperfect relationships

Activism/ community

SoloPolyCon17 - an apology

SoloPolyCon17 - who came?

SoloPolyCon17 - feedback