Kit list January 2017

I last wrote about my kit in October and November 2015 when I'd been on the road for a couple of months. I've now been on the road for almost 17 months!

Sometimes when I feel a bit out-of-sorts I find it soothes me to tidy my panniers, even though they're tidy already. Every time I do this I think 'surely I can jettison some more stuff', but rarely find anything I'm willing to part with! Last night I went through every single item and didn't do very well at all (some Romanian sweetener tablets I bought for Ben's visit, one tupperware and some clear nail varnish, pretty much)!

Which two items do I not carry, that you reckon you couldn't live without?

Abbreviations used

*could not live without

(GF) gift from

(RA) recent acquisition

(ROJ) really ought to jettison

To be found on bike (Thorn Sterling tourer with Rohloff gear hub) or me

*Endura Zyme baggy, knee-length bike shorts - 100% nylon, dark grey, worn daily (RA). Note: I don't have any long trousers

*Black buff (neck warmer, recently replaced cos I left my blue one in a washing machine by mistake)

*Grey Crocs, hanging off the back of the bike

Specialized cycling shoes with cleats (I have double-sided pedals)

Cheap digital watch

Cycling computer - I reset this every day for reference, but I've stopped recording my daily distances because... who cares?!

1 litre bottle for fuel (90% alcohol - very hard to find in a few countries)

1 drinking water bottle

2 x solar-powered lamps

Last night's recyclable bottles etc! (I'm getting better about this.)

Handlebar bag ('handbag')

*Glasses case containing whichever pair not being worn (sun or normal), and current set of earplugs

*Camera - (GF Mum and David) - Panasonic TZ80, memory card and reader, in case

*Wallet, with cards and notes + change purse

*iPhone (GF Anne) - has changed my life


*Head torch (Petzl)

*Two biros, two Sharpie permanents, Sharpie highlighter (GF Gabe), two pencils

*Key for bike lock and padlock, nail clippers, bottle opener

Waterproof sleeve for iPhone (GF Stein)

Plastic mirror

The last of my personal 'cards'

Post-it notes (POJ)

Card with reminder of meditation instructions

Bits of currency I ought to do something with (POJ)

Various very precious tiny gifts from people, plus spare worry beads and Little Bear

Little useful things: Tiny padlock, compass, CS gas (though not very accessible!), sewing kit, ibuprofen

Back light for bike

2 x SPF lipbalm

Oregano oil (GF Jen)

Small hand sanitiser gel

Tiny MP3 player and earphones (for Spanish podcasts and occasional audiobooks; I don't have any music!)

Small front left pannier ('bike shed')


*Baby wipes

Heavy D-lock

Dog dazer

Mini track-style pump (Lezyne)

Puncture repair stuff and plastic tyre levers (used in Valencia!)

Spare bits for bike computer

Cable ties

Small roll of electrical tape

Sugru (GF Laura)

Topeak Alien II multitool (mostly used for allen keys)

Two individual allen keys and a tiny spanner (can't remember why)

Small WD40

Two spare inner tubes, one of which is new

Two spare brake cables

Four spare brake pads

Two spare spokes

Weather gear:

*Merino beanie, very thin under-beanie (RA)

Thin plastic mac I found under a hedge in Wales soon after losing mine in Kent

Cold weather gloves, fingerless cycling gloves

Uri's Dad's 'sleeves', which I can wear on my legs if it's really cold

Baseball cap

Midge headnet (for Scotland)

Jackets in a dry bag:

*1. Alpkit down midlayer, desperately needs a wash (grey and blue)

*2. Howies washable merino-lined softshell (brown)

Cycling clothes in another dry bag:

2 x Nike running shorts (no arse padding)

4 x yellow tops (*one long-sleeved, one t-shirt, two vests)

2 x ultralight black t-shirts (GF Alex)

Small front right pannier ('communications technology') - (pannier on loan from Ben hence different colour!)

*Kindle - currently reading Spanish stuff and The Pickwick Papers

*2016-17 academic year diary/ general notebook

Spanish notebook

Cloth bag containing: *cock (RA, 'FunFactory Share' to give credit where it's due), lube, condoms, gloves (also handy for bike maintenance)

Leather slapper I made myself in Goteburg! (RA, POJ)

200 individually wrapped glasses-cleaning wipes I bought on impulse in Aldi. Yeah I know.

Plain white cards for language-learning (POJ) and some sheets of plain paper (POJ)

Folder of flat stuff:

Will template (GF Rachel A - intend to finally fill in before the end of this month along with living will)

HMRC login details (as above) and P45

Luc's artwork

Small map of Spain (GF Miguel)

Various paper records that I could photograph and stop carrying around - doh!

Camera manual (POJ)

Dry bag for electrical stuff:

ASUS tablet with hinged keyboard, inside neoprene sleeve


Stupid little ID device for internet banking

Ye olde mobile phone (GF Ben - spare now, I suppose)

Muff trimmer

Earphones with microphone (for Skyping)

Spare AAA batteries for rear bike light

Spare AA batteries for headtorch (these are always a pain because you can't ever just buy THREE batteries ffs!)

Europe > UK adaptor for one plug and two USBs

2 x UK plugs > USB (for laptop and camera)

3 x USB cables

iPhone charging cable

USB sticks (POJ)

Large back right pannier ('wardrobe' + 'bathroom')

*5 litre MSR Dromedary for carrying water (RA!)

Dry bag containing manky old first aid kit (POJ), some BV gel and Canesten (not used), Ovex packet (need to replace in UK)

Foldable sit-mat (RA)

Spare earplugs

Spare matches

Belt (GF Ben and Helen from Nepal)

Mesh bag for dirty laundry, and also travel detergent, universal sink plug, nail brush for clothes, clothes line, clothes pegs

Half a travel towel, two flannels

Spare Whizaway, spare Mooncup, spare toothbrush

One bin bag

Large dry bag containing all off-bike clothes and smalls:

Smalls: Bikini, 'best' pants, 3 x seamless pants, 2 x bratops, 1 x compression socks, currently 2 x Chinese long black socks but would like to replace these with one good pair

*Plaid shirt - found by Ben in Isle of Eigg community swap shop!

Light grey comfy track shorts

Wotever t-shirt (gift from Ingo and Adrian), LoveMeLoveMyBike t-shirt, blue Antwerp t-shirt, navy solo-bunny t-shirt

Wash bag, containing:


*Toothbrush and 2 x toothpaste (think I found one and didn't want to waste it!)

Blue Mum antiperspirant, which I've used since I was 18

Little refillable bottle for shower gel

Perfume (need to use up and jettison the heavy glass bottle!!)

Rarely used: Shampoo, suntan lotion, floss and interdental brushes, moustache bleaching cream, Dax, Voltarol, allergy pills, eye liner (wtf)

Large back left pannier - 'Kitchenino' (after DH Lawrence)

*Hario V60 coffee dripper (GF Rachel F)

Typically, each day I buy an onion, tomatoes, one other vegetable, one tin of seafood, one type of fruit, plus something yummy and something alcoholic

Little tupperware in which I soak the next evening's pulses, to reduce cooking time/ save fuel!



500ml Coke bottle of olive oil

Dry bag of 'carbs' (mostly pulses). Ideally I'd just have one at a time, but somehow I always seem to have several. Currently green lentils, the last of the trigo mote, the last of the French barley, some noodles and some pasta

Dry bag of oats with fruit and nuts/seeds mixed in

Dry bag of tea (various, including interesting ones GF Laura)

Dry bag of 'salt and spices': salt, black pepper, smoked paprika, some vegetable bouillon, some chilli flakes, Italian spaghetti mix and cardamom (GF Sandy). Yeah I need to rationalise these! (POJ)

Dry bag of coffee, coffee filters

Enamel camping mug

Tiny chopping board

Upright tupperware in which I keep: wooden spoons, eating spoon and tiny fork, 2 x lighters (incase matches get wet), tiny scissors, *Leatherman (multitool with knife), *waiter's friend

Brillopad, sponge, tiny bottle of w/u liquid

*Trangia stove with 2 x little pans, 1 x lid/flat pan + burner, all in a cloth bag

Sausage-shaped dry bag (attached on top with one strong bungie, GF Anson)

*Tent - Terranova Voyager superlite, may replace soon for one I can sit up in without my head touching the roof!!

*Mat - Thermarest - Quite new but is deflating, need to investigate

*Sleeping bag - Deuter trek lite - down is severely clumped

*Cotton tote bag (doubles as day pack): Silk sleeping bag inner, inflatable pillow, cotton world atlas pillowcase, merino long johns and long-sleeved top (pyjamas)

Rectangular yoga block (foam) to sit on while meditating

So, in summary, the main things I have now that I didn't have when I first set out are:

  • Kindle
  • Anne's iPhone
  • Down jacket
  • Hario V60 coffee dripper
  • 5 litre Dromedary for water
  • Lots of small dry bags for dry food (instead of tupperwares, which Emily laughed at)

The main things I had when I first set out that I don't have anymore are:

  • Jeans, one additional pair of shorts, and a couple more t-shirts!