SoloPolyCon2017: apology

Posted to Facebook INM group 18/01/2017 but seemingly deleted by an administrator.

Hi Michon,

I'm writing in response to your blog post about the solo polyamory conference in Vancouver.

I am the organiser who wrote the conference's Eventbrite page. As requested I have removed the term 'intersectional non-monogamy'. I understand the harm that is caused by appropriation and I apologise that I had no idea of the provenance of this specific term nor that it was considered proprietary. We asked members of the solo polyamory group to suggest topics they'd like to discuss at such a conference, I transposed the suggestions, applied a bit of artistic license and added a couple of things I'm personally interested in, including the aforementioned. The idea with an 'unconference' is that it's participant-led; hence the actual workshop schedule will be determined by attendees stepping forward on the day and offering to facilitate discussions about topics they are interested in. For clarity I have added that to the Eventbrite page.

For reference, please note that Mel Mariposa and I are the organisers of the conference. As I am in Europe I am limited to aspects of the organisation I can do online, such as managing the Eventbrite page. Aggie Sez, Kim TallBear and Meg-John Barker are our keynote speakers but they are not organisers. I feel pretty terrible seeing others - Aggie and Mel - publicly blamed for my mistake.

Again I am sorry, and hope this clears things up.

Best wishes,