Kit list January 2018 + addendum

I last wrote about my kit a year ago in Almería, Spain. I've now been on the road for over two and a half years, and while I occasionally add to my kit I rarely manage to reduce it. I still find it very soothing to repack my panniers even if I don't change anything.

A subset of my friends are fascinated by what I carry. I like to pose the question 'What couldn't you live without?'

ADDENDUM 1st February:

During my first days back on the road I concluded that - despite having off-loaded several things to Adrian (see bottom of page) - my bike still felt too heavy. I ditched some stuff at a bus stop, then in Playa del Carmen Lisa helped me make some tough decisions before taking the proceeds back to Vancouver with her. I've marked up the list below to indicate what's changed. End of addendum.

In the coming months I'll be riding with Claire. We recently compared our kit lists and made the following observations:

  • For the most part we carry similar kit.
  • Claire has more practical clothing (e.g. waterproofs) and I have more impractical clothing (e.g. jeans).
  • Claire has more spares for her bike. She also has some useful practical items such as a solar panel and a folding washbasin!
  • We each have some unusual items that reflect our interests: Claire has a thermometer/altimeter and a science kit as well as a violin! I have sex paraphernalia.

As I set off from Oaxaca on 7 January this is what I'll be carrying:

(Δ triangles indicate new items)

On the bike itself

Cycle computer and bell
Mexican and Δ EU flags
Luminaid solar lamp
One water bottle
1-litre bottle for alcohol (for stove)
Bike helmet, reflective vest
Dynamo and charger
Crocs (and bike shoes finally replaced with comfier ones in Chetumal after nearly two years of OUCH)

Handlebar bag

Glasses case/ (sun)glasses
Biro and sharpies
Headtorch, bike lights
Hand sanitizer and mosquito repellent
Small mirror
MP3 player
Mini screwdriver for glasses
Tiny padlock


Trangia stove with two pans (handle stupidly left in Oaxaca and kindly replaced by Lisa)
V-60 individual coffee filter, paper filters, coffee
Enamel mug
Red bush teabags
Rice, lentils, salt, spices
Olive oil in small coke bottle
Wooden spoons, teaspoon
Leatherman knife/ multitool
Wafer-thin chopping board
Small tupperware for soaking lentils
Washing-up liquid
3-litre MSR Dromedary (water container)
Δ Mezcal in a plastic bottle

Bike shed

Whizzaway for peeing standing up, baby wipes

D-lock and Δ lightweight lock for front wheel
Spare inner tube
Two spare spokes
Spare brake pads
Spare brake cables
Cable ties
Puncture repair kit and tyre levers
Little spanner (can't remember what for)
Two allen keys
Topeak Alien II multitool
Dog dazer (need to replace battery)

Two pairs One pair tight shorts
Two Two pairs loose shorts (Δ both new)
Two One yellow t-shirts, yellow long-sleeved top
Δ Three new football tops for cycling in: Club América (because I like the logo!), Tottenham, and Mexico

Brown softshell jacket
Cap, bike cap, neck warmer, two beanies, long gloves, short gloves
Ineffective plastic mac


Laptop and Kindle in neoprene sleeve
Bag of cables, mouse etc, spare batteries, internet banking widget
Extension cable
USB sticks
Muff trimmer

Δ Spanish textbook (temporary)

2018 Diary
Bits of paperwork
Personal cards
Sewing kit

Δ Spanish 'Taboo' game

Δ Prescription diving mask

Wardrobe/ Bathroom

Δ New down jacket with hood (in dry bag)

Δ New 'smart' grey shorts (thin cotton), bought in Chetumal to replace beloved Endura shorts stolen from washing line in Valladolid

Δ Jeans Δ Smart shirt with bike print

Comfy grey shorts
Plaid shirt
Merino long-sleeved top
Black t-shirt, blue t-shirt, grey t-shirt, black vest, grey vest, two blue vests (Δ one boughts in Chetumal)
Bikini, four pairs pants, four pairs socks

Mesh laundry bag, detergent, nail brush, universal sink plug, washing line, small pegs
Half a travel towel and two flannels
Wash bag
Bag of bathroom spares and medicines
Heavy first aid kit in dry bag [To be replaced with a more compact one asap]
Little mat for sitting on

Funfactory share
Latex gloves, condoms, lube

Rack bag

Tent, poles, pegs (zip replaced in Chetumal)
Thermarest sleeping mat
Sleeping bag
Inflatable pillow + inflatable neck pillow
Silk sleeping bag inner, pillow case, eye mask, earplugs, midge headnet
Older down jacket (no hood) inside dry bag

Δ(Cut down) yoga mat
Δ Hammock
Δ Day rucksack

Stuff off-loaded to Adrian for safe-keeping:

Huge pedal spanner
Jumper, two t-shirts, rabbit vest, torquoise vest, pink shorts
Oaxaca cap
30-year old pillowcase
Five books
Spareparts harness
Leather slapper I made in Sweden
Magnifying glass from the projector Lisa made from a shoe-box
2017 diary

Recap of stuff off-loaded to Lisa for safe-keeping:

Old down jacket
Smart shirt
Grey Oaxaca t-shirt
Spanish Taboo game