In which Claire arrived in Oaxaca

Oaxaca Weeks 17-18

Week 17####

My last ten solo days in Oaxaca were fairly productive. I...

  • Finally pedalled up to barely-visited archaeological site 'Atzompa', which I had to myself for about three hours. The site affords wonderful views of Oaxaca city and the central valleys, including the Benito Juárez quote shown in the image above:

"Entre los individuos como entre las naciones, el respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz" (Among individuals, as among nations, respect for the rights of others is peace)

  • Visited Oaxaca's small contemporary art gallery.
  • Discovered a new suburb, full of sushi bars and dog grooming parlours.
  • Submitted my tax return (early).
  • Saw a doctor and got a whole bunch of tests done, none of which provided an explanation for my hair loss.
  • Got my hair cut twice in one day.
  • 'Test packed' all my panniers ready for departure, and ordered a few bits and pieces.

Week 18####

In week 18 Claire arrived having cycled all the way from Newfoundland. I enjoyed introducing Claire to Oaxaca, including my new favourite place (Atzompa), my Korean restaurant and 'our' excellent coffee, hot (and cold) chocolate, nieves, licuados... We also attended both the official and the fringe chocolate festivals, and - on Virgin of Guadalupe night - watched people twirling through a substantial crowd outside Soledad wearing 'costumes' made of lit fireworks!

We travelled by bus to Ocotlán on market day, where I bought some garlic and veg, some tinsel in Mexican colours and some elastic to repair my eye-mask. (I get a bit overwhelmed by markets unless I have one or two specific things to look for!)

We also took our bikes to a posh bike shop where Claire had several components replaced and I got a new chain. At home we spent some time comparing our kit lists (see upcoming post) and researching routes through Central America.

I'm really looking forward to travelling with Claire. Having not spent more than 2-3 consecutive weeks with anybody for years I do hope I won't prove completely insufferable.