Walk #14: Sze and James

Walk #14, with: Sze and James (born 197x and 198x)

Date: 25 June 2016

Where: Clissold Park, London

I met Sze and James - who are one of the few couples I really enjoy spending time with - in the Epping Forest over-35s mountain biking group. Last summer they excitedly introduced me to indoor roped climbing and bouldering at The Castle in Stoke Newington, which is where we decided to meet for an afternoon while I was briefly back in London in July. After a relaxed session during which I confirmed that I enjoy the simplicity of bouldering best (and found I could not get on with an 'auto-belay') we sojourned to a favourite Turkish grill restaurant on Green Lanes to share a gigantic and bargainous mixed grill with salads, bread and unlimited Turkish tea.

Over dinner we talked amongst other things about a dietary regime James is trying, which which is ketogenic five days a week. I'm constantly impressed by the intentionality with which these two live. For this reason, amongst others, they are two individuals with whom I feel an entirely unforced affinity.

In serious need of a post-prandial stroll we pottered about for an hour or so in Clissold Park, which was largely empty on account of a recent shower. There were no BMXers to watch, so instead we took the opportunity to play in the rather good children's playground that was added when the park was re-landscaped a few years ago. The cable ride wasn't a great one, but we enjoyed the climbing frame made of rope, and the swings.

Thank you Sze and James for the joy I feel when I spend time with you. I'd love to have one or both of you come and sample the touring lifestyle with me soon!