Walk #21: Dad and J.

With: Dad (born 1944) and his partner J.

Date: 19 July 2016

Where: Keyhaven, West Solent

I considered it a great honour that the three of us went for a walk together at Keyhaven close to where Dad and J. both live and where Dad was once the secretary of the less-posh of the two sailing clubs. I'm not surely he actually went sailing much; I think Dad mostly just liked applying his administrative skills in a friendly community organisation. They each have a kayak too, which apparently is 'good when wind and tides say no sailing'.

Before we began our walk Dad told me a couple of fairly incredible things about his family that I didn't know. I'd like to talk more with him about his childhood and his family (as I did with my Mum later the same month) because - having read quite a bit of Harriet Lerner recently - I understand how helpful it is to be gently curious about where one's parents 'came from', where their parents came from, and so on.

Walking - slowly of course - through the salt marshes at Keyhaven I was struck by the light and all the wonderful colours, especially the contrast between the blue sky and bright green seaweed. After half an hour or so we turned around and returned to the car 'cross-country'. Amongst other things we talked about J's recent walking holiday in the Polish Tatra Mountains near Zakopane, where I'd also been earlier in the year.

This was one of several times during my visit to Milford on Sea that I enjoyed the company of both Dad and J. at the same time, including a lovely birthday meal at Gordleton Mill and a delicious meal at J's house. Thank you both for having me!